Alpha Prime is Feeling the Miami Heat

Alpha Prime is Feeling the Miami Heat

Alpha Prime is Feeling the Miami Heat

As a Miami-based company we know that nothing beats Miami Heat! That’s why we were thrilled to be a sponsor at a recent game and support our hometown team as they dominated on the court.

To see our banner flashing courtside as The Heat beat the Washington Wizards was almost as exciting as the final minutes of the game. We’re so happy to support our local team and to provide you with the best workout gear to get you ready for game day.

Our line of men’s shirts provide optimal range of motion so you can nail that jumpshot or rebound like Whiteside. With long and short sleeve options, you don’t need to let your game suffer just because temperatures are dropping.

If you need something that won’t hinder your speed, our woven shorts are just what the coach ordered. Loose-fitting and light-weight, they’ll get you going!

For the future WNBA star, paired with a loose tee, our shorts will support you as you perfect your game. They’re snug fitting and ready to help you tackle whatever the court, or the other team, throws at you!

Check out our huge selection of athletic wear and find the perfect fit to help you dominate on the court!

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