Practicing self-care is so important to add balance and stability to your life. Whatever makes you feel loved and healthy, we're here for it.

Self-care looks different on everyone, think about something that truly relaxes and brings you joy and make the time. Do you love to cook? Get started on your favorite meal. Are you falling behind on that book you started weeks ago? Find a quiet place to get lost in the story. Is work stressful? Take some time at-home for a mini spa day. Fill up your tub, break out a cooling face mask and breath in the relaxation.

No matter how you choose to practice self-care, we have the perfect playlist to help you achieve ultimate relaxation, and the comfortable clothes to ensure you enjoy every second! We want to hear how you practice self-care. Sound off in the comments.

Whether you love cooking, face masking, napping, or reading for self-care, we have the perfect playlist.