The Best Supplements to Build Skeletal Muscle

The Best Supplements to Build Skeletal Muscle

The Best Supplements to Build Skeletal Muscle

If you’re trying to get swole or just build some strength, then the muscle groups you’re targeting are your skeletal muscles. Skeletal muscles are the long muscles that connect to your bones via the tendons, such as your biceps or quads.

Strong skeletal muscles are important from an aesthetic and functional perspective. The best way to build skeletal muscles is through regular training, but lifting weights isn’t enough to help you get the muscle definition you want. Supplements can help you improve recovery time, increase the effectiveness of your workouts, and ultimately build more skeletal muscle.

What to Look for in a Skeletal Muscle Supplement

There are a few different categories for skeletal muscle supplements.

The most common is pre-workout, a supplement that people take 15-30 minutes before a workout that boosts endurance and energy. These supplements usually come in the form of a powder containing protein, amino acids, and caffeine that you mix into a shake.

There are also supplements that you take after a workout called post-workout supplements. These supplements contain additional nutrients such as carbohydrates or protein that you may not get enough of through your regular diet. Taking a potent dose of these nutrients helps you increase your recovery speed and promotes repair and growth among the muscle fibers.

Make sure that you get your supplements from a reputable company that has customer well-being in mind. Always add new items to your workout routine safely. Double-check with a doctor before adding any supplements to your diet, especially if you have pre existing medical conditions.

Protein Supplements

The Whey Blend from AP Sports Regimen is a great post-workout supplement to help you build more skeletal muscles. Whey protein metabolizes into essential amino acids faster than other forms of protein, leading to faster recovery after workouts.

This whey supplement comes in several different flavors to help you boost your muscle growth while having shakes in flavors that you actually like.

Another protein supplement is Creatine 300, a protein supplement that you can incorporate into your workout routine whenever you would like. It can supplement pre-workout or speed up muscle recovery post-workout. While creatine itself won’t make your muscles huge, it can help you see more gains by increasing your stamina and intensity during a workout.


The Legacy Series Pre-Workout from AP Sports Regimen contains everything that you want in your pre-workout to help take your workout over the edge. Besides caffeine, this pre-workout contains Dynamine, a patented energy-boosting compound.

Besides boosting your energy, this pre-workout contains compounds such as NO3-T that are packed with amino acids, which boost muscle mass by improving blood flow and giving you more energy to push yourself further. Plus, the pre-workout comes in several tasty flavors to start your workout off right.

Hydrating Supplements

Hydration is an often-overlooked factor that affects your muscle gains. Your body needs plenty of water to help transport nutrients to your muscle fibers and push them to grow. This supplement is packed with nutrients and hydrating molecules for faster muscle growth and post-fatigue recovery.

The active ingredients in the BCAA + EEA + HYDRO supplement include essential amino acids and plenty of minerals and nutrients. The minerals and nutrients boost the hydrating power of ordinary water by helping your body replenish the electrolytes it lost during a workout, increasing your recovery speed.

Sleep Supplements

Your overall lifestyle will impact your skeletal muscle growth, including your sleep quality. Your body releases amino acids from protein into your bloodstream while you sleep, so if you’re not sleeping long enough or deeply enough, you’re missing out on a prime recovery time.

Get your sleep back with Hyber-Nite, the supplement which helps you fall asleep, stay asleep, and recover better. The supplement contains natural sleep aids such as L-theanine, and minerals and amino acids that help boost recovery. The supplement targets your GH/IGF levels to get them in the optimal recovery zone.

Testosterone Supplements

Many bodybuilders swear by testosterone boosters to help them cut fat and build more muscle. These supplements just work with the natural levels of testosterone in your body to optimize production.

Test Booster from AP Sports Regimen helps build muscle through natural ingredients that raise your testosterone levels. This supplement can also help you get some of the other benefits of testosterone, such as more energy and more libido.


If you’re serious about building muscle, whether because you want to feel stronger or are thinking about entering weightlifting and bodybuilding competitions, then you have to add supplements to your diet. Pre-workout gives you the energy to get through longer and harder workouts, while post-workout supplements help your muscles recover faster and grow.

You can even get supplements that target specific vitamin or hormone deficiencies, such as testosterone, or lifestyle problems, such as lack of sleep.

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