Prime Bites Brownies - We Got Glazed
Prime Bites Brownies - We Got Glazed

Collagen Boost for Wellness

5g of high-grade collagen that supports healthy hair, skin and nails to help you feel as good as you look!

High Protein

Up to 19g of premium protein to fuel your active lifestyle.

More Flavor. Less Guilt.

A taste experience so incredible, you won't believe that our brownies are actually 'good for you'!


“Most protein baked goods are extremely dry, but Alpha Prime is flipping the script with these brownies. These are, without a doubt, one of the best protein brownies I’ve tried.”

Protein Snack Finder

“If you asked us about one functional food that’s taken the entire fitness world by storm this year, the answer is simple: AP Prime Bites Protein Brownies. And it’s not even close.”


“AP Prime Bites Protein Brownies are the best protein brownies on the market today. With great flavors and textures, along with a friendly macro set and health-first ingredients, AP Prime Bites Brownie Bites are set to takeover as the next "protein" bar of sorts.” 


We couldn't be more pleased, the products and services are absolutely fantastic!