Want to get bigger and better faster? You may want to try the Legacy Series Pump. It is one of the latest supplements from Alpha Prime Supps to help power your performance in the gym.

Legacy Series Pump

Legacy Series Pump is a workout supplement for producing explosive pumps. You can get more out of each session in the gym thanks to a combination of cutting-edge ingredients, including several nitric oxide boosters. The main compounds include:

  • Hyperox
  • VasoDrive-AP
  • NO3-T®
  • Astragin®

You will not find another pump formula packed with the same selection of high-quality compounds. Hyperox is an explosive nitric oxide ingredient for extended and prolonged muscle pumps.

VasoDrive-AP also enhances the results of your workouts by helping your body produce more nitric oxide, which is an essential compound for keeping your blood flowing. NO3-T also boosts nitric oxide levels while amplifying energy levels, strength, and power.

Astragin is included to increase your absorption of the nitric oxide boosters. You can unlock even more power from these tested and proven ingredients.

Legacy Series Pump is an advanced product for producing a more productive workout session. You get bigger pumps, optimized performance, more endurance, and increased focus. It is one of several supplements in the new Legacy Series line of products from Alpha Prime Supps. To optimize your results, consider stacking with Legacy Series Pre-Workout.

  • Boosts nitric oxide and blood flow
  • Helps you achieve bigger pumps
  • Improves muscular endurance
  • Increases your nutrient absorption

Take one serving (1 rounded scoop) of Legacy Series Pump, mixed with 10-12 fl. oz of water 20-30 minutes before training. DO NOT EXCEED 2 SCOOPS PER DAY.

Warning: This product is only intended to be consumed by healthy adults, 18 years of age or older. Do not use if pregnant, nursing, currently taking PDE5 inhibitors or nitrates for chest pain. Before taking this product, consult a licensed, qualified, healthcare professional, especially if you are taking any other dietary supplement, prescription drug or over-the-counter medication; or if, you suspect you have or have been treated for, diagnosed with or have a family history of, any medical condition. Discontinue use 2 weeks prior to surgery. Immediately discontinue use and contact a medical doctor if you experience any adverse reaction to this product. Use only as directed. Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing. Store in a cool, dry place. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.


Legacy Series Pump includes a large dose of beneficial nitric oxide boosters and a commonly used ingredient for boosting absorption. The formula includes a mix of high-quality proprietary ingredients and many of the ingredients you trust for enhanced workouts. Let™s look a little closer at how Legacy Series Pump is formulated.


Hyperox is often used in pre-workout supplements for prolonged muscle pumps. You may notice a boost of endurance, energy, and strength. You can also walk around all day looking like you just finished a heavy rep in the gym.

Hyperox is a quality source of fenugreek seed extract. Studies show that this extract extends nitric oxide signaling, which enhances muscle pumps. It includes a PDE5 inhibitor that signals to your body that it needs to produce more nitric oxide. The PDE5 inhibitor also increases the accumulation of cGMP.

These benefits widen the blood vessels to allow nutrients and oxygen to flow to the muscles during your workout. This makes your muscles bulge and veins stand out, allowing you to see the results of your hard work.

VasoDrive-AP and NO3-T®

VasoDrive-AP and NO3-T are also included in the Legacy Series Pump to boost your supply of nitric oxide for crazy muscle pumps. Both ingredients increase nitric oxide production in the body, along with providing a few extra benefits.

VasoDrive-AP is derived from casein, which is a complete source of protein. It contains all the essential amino acids needed for muscle recovery and growth. You get an extra boost of protein for aiding muscle development. The extra nitric oxide and protein may also reduce muscle soreness after an intense workout.

NO3-T is an ingredient containing arginine nitrate. Arginine nitrate is also frequently used to increase nitric oxide production. However, it also provides a natural boost to your energy levels and power. You may be able to push yourself a little further at the gym.

Some studies suggest that these nitric oxide boosters may also reduce blood pressure and improve heart health. Nitric oxide helps relax and dilate the blood vessels to improve circulation and lower blood pressure, which may aid cardiovascular health.


Astragin is included in the Legacy Series supplements to help you absorb more of the nutrients and compounds found in each dose. It comes from astragalus root extract. It is a 100% natural compound that increases your absorption of ingredients and promotes a healthier gut.

The gut is an important part of your overall health. Ensuring that you have a healthy gut environment increases nutrient absorption and supports a stronger immune system.

Amino acids and many of the other nutrients that you rely on for muscle growth need active transporters to enter your bloodstream. Astragin increases the availability of these transporters to help your muscles and tissues receive more nutrients. Additional benefits linked to the use of Astragin include increased lean muscle mass, more power output, improved athletic performance, and better body composition.


Along with the proprietary ingredients listed above, Legacy Series Pump includes a selection of ingredients to deliver superior results. L-citrulline is an amino acid produced by the liver. It naturally increases nitric oxide production and blood flow, resulting in huge pumps.

When you consume citrulline, your body converts the amino acid into another amino acid called arginine. The arginine is then converted into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels in your muscles, promoting increased vasodilation.

Along with relaxing the blood vessels in your muscles, citrulline improves blood circulation throughout your body. Adequate blood flow is necessary for maintaining energy, muscle function, and brain function. Some studies also suggest that citrulline may increase the production of growth hormones that are essential for increased muscle mass.

Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine anhydrous is a natural substance made in the body. It is connected to cellular reproduction, liver function, and the production of carnitine and homocysteine. Research suggests that betaine may protect against liver disease, heart disease, dry mouth, and other health issues. However, it is also a common ingredient in pre-workout supplements.

Each dose of Legacy Series Pre-Workout provides you with betaine to increase your endurance and overall workout performance. Betaine helps increase hydration in your muscles. Keeping your muscles hydrated enhances your pumps and energy levels. Hydrated muscles can keep working longer.

As strength is connected to endurance, your betaine intake may also help you lift more or work out longer. It also provides the added benefit of further increasing nutrient absorption and your ability to convert protein into amino acids.


Agmatine is a chemical found in plants, animals, humans, and bacteria. It is used for a wide range of reasons, including treating depression, reducing nerve pain, and improving athletic performance. It comes from the amino acid L-arginine and likely plays a role in the health of your nervous system.

Studies also show that agmatine may block the production of certain types of nitric oxide while promoting the production of nitric oxide for vasodilation, resulting in bigger pumps. These functions may also help decrease inflammation and shorten your muscle recovery time.


Taurine is an amino sulfonic acid found naturally in your body and various high-protein food sources, such as meat, eggs, and fish. It supports nerve growth and may help improve the overall health of the nervous system.

Taurine is also often found in workout formulas and energy drinks due to its benefits for your athletic performance. Taurine plays a direct role in maintaining proper hydration, digestive health, and immune system health. Consuming taurine may also enhance muscle hyperplasia, which is an increase in the number of muscle fibers.

You may build more strength faster with less effort.

Legacy Series Pump packs a powerful dose of several cutting-edge nitric oxide boosters to propel your gym sessions into the stratosphere. Consider stacking with Legacy Series Pre-Workout to unlock your full potential.