Prime Dry


Prime Dry is a premium, high-potency, research backed diuretic that is designed to help you shed unwanted excess water faster than ever before. While most ingredients focus on just the diuretic aspect, Prime Dry goes a step further with the inclusion of Gamma Butyrobetaine. Also known as ‘super carnitine’ or simply GBB, this ingredient will help amplify calorie expenditure and increase sweat output, further pushing the pedal on shedding excess water when you need it. Perfect for that finishing touch in preparation for a photo shoot, stepping on stage or if you just want to look your best for that weekend at the beach, Prime Dry will get help you reveal that hard work and look your very best. Ɨ

  • Maximum Strength, Rapid Water Shedding Ɨ
  • Promotes Enhanced Exothermic Activity & Calorie Burn Ɨ
  • Natural, Research Supported Ingredients Ɨ